Croatia, Montenegro, Albania and Italy

M/S Monet - from Dubrovnik to Venice

Dubrovnik - Kotor - Durrës - Budva - Dubrovnik - Korcula - Split - Zadar - Pula - Rovinj - Venice
Price starts from 1,650 EUR
Welcome to Croatia and the mesmerizing city of Dubrovnik! This will be the start of you journey to Venice through the beautiful islands of Croatia. The ship will also travel to Montenegro and Albania exploring distinctive Medieval Architecture and Historic Monuments. You can look forward to dazzling coastal views and feel inspired by beautiful art and Roman Ruins as the ship makes its way to Italy.

M/S Monet - from Venice to Dubrovnik

Venice - Rovinj - Pula - Zadar - Split - Korcula - Budva - Durrës - Kotor - Dubrovnik
Price starts from 1,650 EUR
Venice, one of the most Beautiful cities in Italy, will be the start of this Unique Voyage through the coast and islands of Croatia. With walking tours through Historic cities and views to some of the world’s most scenic coastlines, this Cruise will surpass all your expectations. This venture will end in Dubrovnik but not before you get to explore this amazing city.
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