M/S Picasso

The M/S Picasso is one of the newest ships sailing the Adriatic and Mediterranean waters, scheduled for delivery in September of 2019. Built for DIV Cruises, Inc. by our sister company Brodosplit Shipyard. She is a superb, state-of-the-art vessel and new addition to our fleet.


She captivates her audience with superb lines, panoramic views and elegance.
The Picasso is 348 ft / 106 m long and has four passenger decks all connected with large passenger elevators. She is extremely well appointed for luxury during pleasure travel and conferences. Explore her and find breathtaking views from every deck. Enjoy relaxing and admiring the passing scenery of islands, towns and lush verdant forests and hills.

Up to 159 guests will be accommodated in 80 double or twin-bedded cabins and suites. Guests and all accommodations are extremely well served and pampered with the ratio of the staff at 69 carefully selected and dedicated crew members. The sumptuous suites and junior suites are all adorned with beautiful furnishings and have a balcony to soak up the incredible views. Many of the comfortable and additionally well-appointed and designed cabins also offer a balcony. Communication is a must for business and personal needs. We offer a Wi-Fi internet connection (free of charge). State of the art safety equipment is installed for your protection.

She has a dining room with panoramic windows, piano bar and lounge, gym with the latest fitness equipment, library, gift shop and a relaxing salon de beauté and spa. In addition, for the convenience of her passenger guests, there is an internet corner and a conference room with theater style seating. The Sun Deck offers the comfort of beautiful lounge chairs and plenty of open space. Enjoy relaxing and admiring the amazing story of the passing scenery. The end of the Sun Deck has a swimming pool to unwind and relax, soak up the sun and breathe in the sea air of the Adriatic and Mediterranean waters.

Your next conference or personal travel as our guest will be unsurpassed and beyond your expectations.

 The M/S Picasso awaits you and will provide unforgettable 

 memories to share for a lifetime.


General Information
Everything has been designed to give the passenger maximum enjoyment while aboard the ship.

 Ship Length overall                                               348 ft / 106 m
Length b. p.                                                             315 ft / 96 m
Breadth                                                                    52 ft / 16 m
Crew members                                                       69
Passengers                                                               159
Passengers cabins and suites                              80
30 Standard Double/Twin without balcony    237 ft2 / 22 m2
1 Single Staterooms without balcony                172 ft2 / 16 m2
37 Superior Double/Twin with balcony            237 ft2 / 39 ft2 - 22 m2 / 4 m
4 forward view Grand Suites with balcony      463 ft2 / 118 ft2 - 43 m2 / 11 m2
7 Deluxe VIP Suites with balcony                      388 ft2 / 75 ft2 - 36 m2 / 7 m2
1 Junior Suite with balcony                                   275 ft2 / 54 ft2 - 30 m2 / 6 m2
Economic speed                                                     14 kts / 26 km




The spacious lobby is the guest’s first meeting point aboard. Every detail of the lobby space is rich in light and first impressions. It invites guest passengers to the elegance beyond with warm wood tones, nautical décor, and ample space. The gift shop has beautifully selected pieces and is a welcoming point.


The restaurant is designed with the utmost of elegance and service in mind. It is a bright yet warm environment. The blue hues reflect the seas and warmer tones give way to an opening of the gastronomique experience. Travelers have the opportunity to sit at smaller tables if they would prefer privacy or at large round tables in the middle of the room to socialize with other travelers. A spacious buffet table with sumptuous dining options is provided to delight the palate with ease of access.


The space is equipped with a bar in rich woods. The décor is adorned with gorgeous whites, deep masterful woods and cool blues brushed with light neutrals. Indulge in luxurious, oversized seating while provided with entertainment of the concert piano. Libations and gathering in the lounge provide nothing less than a perfect end to a day that was filled with incredible sights, sea air and culinary explorations.

Conference Hall

Is equipped with comfortable chairs for screenings, conferences or concerts. The neutral tone provides for the least distractions. The acoustics have been arranged perfectly for concerts or presentations. Music will engulf the guest for maximum appreciation. Speaking engagements will be clear and provide the best clarity for the audience and speaker alike. The coffee station beside is designed for the passenger’s convenience during an organized event at the Conference Hall.


A standard comfortable cabin with the warmth of woods and green tones provide relaxation and rest well deserved after an engaging day. Gold tones add elegance to your personal space. The accommodation provides a well-appointed bath, Flat screen satellite TV, telephone, well-proportioned vanity/desk, perfected lighting, ample storage and well stocked mini bar to provide additional comfort for the traveler while staying on board. Superior cabin feature all amenities as standard cabin plus private balconies for passenger's enjoyment. 

Deluxe VIP Suite

has a combination of stately wood with inlays, richly decorated curtains and pillows in blue tones. A light colored ceiling providing height that contributes to the opulence of the entire interior. Perfected lighting combined with Picasso's artwork gives this space a special atmosphere. A well-lit vanity, flat screen satellite TV, large nightstands with drawer storage, ample dressing mirrors, elegant linens and Full/Queen high quality mattress provide the bedroom with the amenities and tranquility expected of your private space aboard.

The living room is equipped with a spacious work desk, upholstered armchairs and a three seated sofa for rest and socializing. Dark toned wood and inlays are repeated in this area as well. Bright fabric on chairs and armchairs combined with blue carpet, drapery and pillows gives the room a warm ambiance. This is a gracious space to invite travel companions and newly acquired friends for libations or coffee. It is perfect for a quite business meeting as well.

Grand Deluxe Suite
An exceptionally richly decorated room with a king-size bed, exquisitely finished with a combination of two wooden veneers gives this space a high-flair feel. The draperies on the windows, the canopy over the bed, the fine linens and detailed upholstery combine to contribute the necessary perception of luxury in this area. The suite is made complete with a flat screen satellite TV, ample storage and closet space, a desk/vanity and comfortable seated area. The desire to give the passenger a spectacular feeling of staying on an exceptional boat has been achieved.

The living room space is as luxurious as the bedroom itself. The folding sofa gives the possibility of additional guest passengers staying within the suite. The warmth of the tones and decorative lighting gives the space a special impression of comfort and peace. Elegant window drapery, fine wallpaper and large seating area provide a perfect place for entertaining within your private suite. Additionally, an ample working space for business or personal use is a necessity not overlooked. A warm place to relax and enjoy a quiet time during your on board experience.

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